Cashier Crisis

Cashier Crisis Creative Crew

Insert Picture Here Name: Robert Zygala (Producer)

Job Description: He's just this guy, you know? I'm the one responsible for the creating and maintaining of this web page. I also designed the HUD that you see in the game, contributed to the game design, handled a variety of art chores. As project lead, I'm the one who cracks the whip whenever anyone is slacking off.

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Insert Picture HereName: Stefan Lopuszanski (Game Designer)

Job Description: Just some other guy. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's god. Stefan is the guy in charge of developing the UI, as well as the level designer. He also lends a helping hand in the art department, scanning in and cleaning up many of Chuck's drawings.

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Name: Matthew Findlater (Head Programmer)

Job Description: Just some other other guy. I'm pretty sure he doesn't think he's god. He'd be somewhat justified if he did, though- As our head programmer, Matt is working miracles getting XNA to cooperate, getting the game up and running.

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Name: Charles Pennock (Head Artist)

Job Description: I can't think of anything clever to put in here. Chuck is our head artist, which means he has an insane amount of work on his plate. Just about everything you'll see in the finished game will have been drawn by Chuck. Every character, every sprite, every background.

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Jason Wertz

Name: Jason Wertz (Faculty Advisor)

Job Description: Jason is the instructor for the class we are making this game for. He's guiding us through the process of making this, and helping out with the programming as well.

Web Site: Don't know.

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Name: Dave Diehl (Composer)

Job Description: Dave is responsible for composing and performing all of the music you'll be hearing in the game.

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